Weather Forecasts

Updated on 15th October,2015 Terminal Aerodrome Forecast (TAF) Over the years, I have seen many students struggle with the subject of Meteorology. Meteorology is a very large subject and as a student pilot you will only be learning the basics. We concentrate on what is important to aviation. Weather is such an important factor when […]


Updated on 5th March, 2017 What is Fog? We all know that fog keeps us on the ground when we want to be flying. But are you aware that there are different kinds of fog? Do you know the conditions that are required for fog to form? Do you know about radiation fog, advection fog, […]


Introduction Just today, one of my students asked me to post some information about fronts. Meteorology is such a large subject, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin learning. For this post, I am going to concentrate on “Frontology” – the study of weather fronts. As helicopter pilots, we are very aware of […]

How to Determine Wind Direction

Updated on 30th September, 2016 Wind Direction Student pilots can sometimes become bewildered and confused about how to work out where the wind is coming from when approaching to land at an uncontrolled area. Quite often they can feel the helicopter drifting and buffeting due to the wind but the direction is not obvious. Knowing […]