Robinson R44 Book

Updated on 24th September,2016 For all you R44 pilots out there, I have just written a new book – just for you. This book has 220 pages and is available in paperback or kindle. Whether you are a student pilot studying to get a license or a qualified pilot learning to fly the Robinson R44 […]

Passenger Briefing

Updated on 21st June, 2016 Passenger Briefing – Why? As pilots, when we take passengers flying, it is very easy to assume that they have a level of knowledge that they do not actually have. Many of your passengers will never have been in a helicopter before and it is our job to explain to […]

Helicopter Preflight

Updated on 10th July, 2015 Preparing For Flight We all go out to our helicopter and complete our daily preflight inspection before flying. But what exactly does the preflight consist of? Is it just a matter of checking the mechanics of the helicopter? Of course this is a very important check but there are many […]