Competency Based Instrument Rating (CBIR)

EASA Instrument Ratings EASA has introduced two new types of Instrument Rating: The Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB-IR) The En route Instrument Rating (EIR) These new instrument ratings are designed to make getting an instrument rating much easier to obtain for someone who is not a commercial pilot. Previously, to get an instrument rating, you […]

Passing the EASA Flight Test and EASA Oral Test

Updated on 11th August,2016 The EASA Skill Test When a PPL student finishes their training the instructor has to prepare them for the EASA PPL skill test. The skill test involves a flight test and an oral test. As a student, you must pass both of these. The oral test is normally completed before the […]

Passing the Oral Test for the PPL

Updated on 6th February,2015 I have been getting requests from many people looking for advice on what kind of questions come up during the oral test for the PPL. Examiners are required to test a student’s knowledge and for many, this can be the most stressful part of the testing process. As part of the […]

Theoretical Knowledge Exams (Ireland)

Introduction The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) holds theoretical knowledge exams for ATPL, CPL, IR and PPL. The dates for all levels of theoretical knowledge examinations for the current year can be found below. Examinations at PPL level (4 papers) are held at set times during the course of one day.  Anyone making their first attempt […]