Passing the Oral Test for the PPL

Updated on 6th February,2015

PPL Oral Test

I have been getting requests from many people looking for advice on what kind of questions come up during the oral test for the PPL. Examiners are required to test a student’s knowledge and for many, this can be the most stressful part of the testing process.

As part of the flight test, the examiner is required to orally test the student. The examiner will ask many questions on many different subjects to find out if the student has any glaringly obvious gaps in their knowledge. EASA PPL Requirements can be found here.

Request For Information From My Readers

I am in the process of gathering up information to make the oral test easier for students. This will apply to pilots who are being tested anywhere in the world. In order to help me obtain a database of the kinds of questions that an examiner might ask, I am asking you to send me any details you can remember about your oral test. If you can remember the questions that you were asked (especially the questions that you found difficult to answer) then these questions will help to make it easier for new students undergoing testing.

By using the “CONTACT” button to the right of the screen, you can leave me a message or just write in the questions that you were asked. I get many visitors to this site from the USA and Europe. I would like you all to think of the questions that you were asked and send them through to me. Send me any material relating to the PPL for Fixed Wing, Rotary, Balloon, Glider, Microlight and anything else that you can think of (as long as it relates to the PPL).

This knowledge will be useful to everyone and if I get enough data, I will make a separate post that will make the questions available to everyone.

Many Thanks


PS: Thank you for the great response and all the advice everyone sent me. This will help future students pass the oral test. I will add my findings to this site in due course.

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