Competency Based Instrument Rating (CBIR)

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EASA Instrument Ratings

EASA has introduced two new types of Instrument Rating:

  1. The Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB-IR)
  2. The En route Instrument Rating (EIR)

These new instrument ratings are designed to make getting an instrument rating much easier to obtain for someone who is not a commercial pilot.

Previously, to get an instrument rating, you had to pass all of the CPL or ATPL theoretical knowledge exams. Not any more. A pilot who holds a PPL can now get an instrument rating by passing a different set of exams. The new CB-IR and EIR now only require pilots to study only the information specific to obtaining an instrument rating. This means a serious reduction in the amount of reading and studying that students are required to do.

The learning objectives are different. It is very difficult to find these learning objectives and so I decided to assemble all of them into one convenient place – my book, “Learning Objectives for the EASA Instrument Rating“.

Anyone studying for the CB-IR or EIR currently has to read the existing CPL or ATPL text books. By using my book, they can now highlight only the sections that are relevant to them. This reduces the amount of reading that they have to do and seriously reduces the amount of study time.

This book is only available on Kindle but if you have the Kindle app, you can still read it. Because it is on Kindle only, I have been able to keep costs to a minimum (less than €2).

You can purchase this book by Clicking Here.

Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB-IR)

The aim of the Competency Based Instrument Rating (CB-IR) course is to teach PPL or CPL licence holders the skills and theory for the Instrument Rating. However this course takes into account your previous instrument flying experience and your previous flight instruction experience.

The CB-IR is ICAO compliant and can be used anywhere in the world.

This qualification will provide you with the skills required to fly under IFR and in IMC.

The theoretical knowledge for this course must be done through an Approved Training Organisation (ATO) and will take a minimum of 80 hours instruction. Some of this instruction may be computer based.

En Route Instrument Rating (EIR)

The aim of the En route Instrument Rating (EIR) course is to teach PPL or CPL licence holders the skills and theory to fly by day under IFR during the en route stage of the flight in aeroplanes. If you hold a night rating, you can also fly the en route stage at night. You cannot fly an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) approach or departure (or plan to do this) and take-offs and landings must be flown under Visual Flight Rules (VFR).

Unlike the CB-IR, the EIR is not ICAO compliant and cannot be used outside an EASA State.

The theoretical knowledge requirements for this course are identical to the Competency Based Instrument Rating requirements.


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