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EASA Regulations

Everyone flying in Europe is familiar with the new EASA regulations. However, students, new pilots and pilots outside of Europe may find all these regulations confusing and the information they need, hard to find. The Basic Regulation is called Regulation (EC) No 216/2008. This regulation contains all the information and regulations relating to everything in aviation in Europe. It is a very large document and is supported by numerous other documents.

Nothing is ever duplicated in these regulations. The documents are very difficult to read and it is easy to miss an important piece of information.

Every week I get requests from all over the world from qualified pilots trying to find the information on how to convert their ICAO licence to an EASA licence. Much of the information you need can be found on this website.

But if you need more information about how to get an EASA licence or how to convert your FAA licence to an EASA licence or how to convert your ICAO licence to an EASA license, you can find all of this information in my book “So You Want To Get An EASA Pilot Licence“. This book is available on Kindle only. To read it, you must have a Kindle e Reader or have the Kindle app installed on your computer or your device.

The book has 59 pages and it describes in plain language, what is required to obtain (or convert to) the following types of licence:

  • LAPL(A) – Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes)
  • LAPL(H) – Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (Helicopters)
  • LAPL(S) – Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (Sailplanes)
  • LAPL(B) – Light Aircraft Pilot Licence (Balloons)
  • SPL – Sailplane Pilot Licence
  • BPL – Balloon Pilot Licence
  • PPL(A) – Private Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes)
  • PPL(H) – Private Pilot Licence (Helicopters)
  • PPL(As) – Private Pilot Licence (Airships)
  • CPL(A) – Commercial Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes)
  • CPL(H) – Commercial Pilot Licence (Helicopters)
  • CPL(As) – Commercial Pilot Licence (Airships)
  • ATPL(A) – Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Aeroplanes)
  • ATPL(H) – Airline Transport Pilot Licence (Helicopters)

This book is priced at $1.99 and like all my books there will be special offers where large discounts can be found.


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