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Theoretical Knowledge Exams (Ireland)

Introduction The Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) holds theoretical knowledge exams for ATPL, CPL, IR and PPL. The dates for all levels of theoretical knowledge examinations for the current year can be found below. Examinations at PPL level (4 papers) are held at set times during the course of one day.  Anyone making their first attempt […]

Measuring Latitude and Longitude

Updated on 19th April,2016 As a pilot, you will be required to either plot a latitude and longitude on a map or to find the latitude and longitude of a specific location. To Determine the Latitude of a Location Refer to Figure 1 (below). Place your ruler east-west through the location on the map/chart. Make […]

The Flight Computer

Updated on 29th March,2016 Flight Computer The flight computer is available in many formats and helps pilots complete navigation calculations. They come in both mechanical and electronic forms and are available as apps for most smartphones today. We are going to concentrate on the mechanical version today because most examiners will not permit you to […]