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Dynamic Rollover

Updated on 21st October, 2016 What is dynamic rollover? Dynamic rollover sounds like a term that might be used by the lottery companies. Every helicopter pilot is aware that dynamic rollover can be a problem when taking off or landing a helicopter. Dynamic rollover is caused when a wheel or a skid on the aircraft […]

Visual Cues When Hovering Helicopters

Updated on 11th November, 2016 Visual Cues The next time you watch a helicopter take off and lift into the hover and it takes off smoothly and comes to a really steady hover; ask yourself how the pilot is holding everything so steady. The main reason is lots of practice. Good co-ordination and muscle memory […]

Helicopter Night Rating Course

Updated 24th March, 2017 Night Rating After you obtain your Private Pilot’s License PPL(H), you may want to further your skills and train for a night rating. You will not be allowed to fly at night without having completed a night rating course. EASA Part-FCL tells us what we need to do. Before starting the […]