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Introduction Just today, one of my students asked me to post some information about fronts. Meteorology is such a large subject, it is sometimes difficult to know where to begin learning. For this post, I am going to concentrate on “Frontology” – the study of weather fronts. As helicopter pilots, we are very aware of […]

The Helicopter Circuit

Why Fly a Helicopter Circuit? Airplanes fly circuits. They fly them a lot and we can understand how this helps the pilots improve their handling of the aircraft. But most helicopters do not normally do their approaches to a runway. We normally approach directly to where we want to land. So why do we need […]

Navigation Diversions

How to Fly Navigation Diversions A large part of anyone’s helicopter flight training is spent on teaching Navigation. Navigation is an acquired skill and takes practice. During your skills test you will have to carry out a navigation diversion. Navigation diversions can be the most intimidating part of a License Skills Test (LST) but I […]

How to Determine Wind Direction

Updated on 30th September, 2016 Wind Direction Student pilots can sometimes become bewildered and confused about how to work out where the wind is coming from when approaching to land at an uncontrolled area. Quite often they can feel the helicopter drifting and buffeting due to the wind but the direction is not obvious. Knowing […]